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I found your web site, meadowsvalley.com, today. It’s great! Earlier this morning I visited the MVHS site. I saw only three teacher’s names I recognize. Now my good friend and a fellow graduate is teaching in the same classroom we were taught in as little kids! Where has time gone? It’s amazing.

I found an online news article from the Star News [see also] and took another look at pictures of the tragic MV band room fire, which then led me to searching MV on Google and finding your site. I like the way you have the homepage set up, as well as MV history. From growing up in New Meadows and hearing our parent’s and grandparent’s stories, I guess as teens back then we thought we knew it all! I would have thought I had heard everything there is to know about Packer John’s, Circle C Ranch, the old fox farm, and other places, but I was glad to learn more after reading some of the articles on your site.

As we know all too well, change is the only thing that’s constant in life. We all realize things can’t stay the way they were when we were MVHS seniors. There are so many new faces and names that if I went to the post office to check the mail or stopped in to pick up a few things at Shaver’s or Brown’s, I would most likely not see many (if any) familiar faces that I grew up with. People have either passed away or moved away from the valley. It’s sad, yet I suppose it’s good that the Meadows Valley is growing like it is. I know I will still hold onto my memories of knowing and waving at everyone I pass. I will forever remember the season’s first snow and the lighting of the big Christmas tree on Mr. Warr’s lawn near the highway, how the small library used to be housed in the back of the old Scout Hall, and how I couldn’t wait ‘til I was old enough to get into the old “Load-n-Chute” which is now no longer. It’s funny that all those special things remain in my mind and heart as if they happened only yesterday, such as buying my first hunting tag from Brown’s Market and candy from Bill Freeman at the old F & H near the city park. I can still clearly see, hear, and feel the excitement of the Labor Day log shows and Mike and Leonard Wallace cross-cutting like no other. I used to drive by the park and see Alvin Hall tending the BBQ pit in front of the depot, stop in to pick up odds and ends at the old C & M location that was always bustling with business, and sit out on my dad’s porch and hear the live bands playing loud and clear after dark from the other end of town.

I’d like to thank you for your contributions and for maintaining this site. I know it must take a lot of time. That sense of “home” and pride flooded my emotions today as I saw pictures from around the valley and read information about the one place in this big world that I miss and love so much.

I’ll check back often to see what’s “new” around the valley!

Thanks again!

Katrina (Merritt) Finlinson

Illustration, Murals, & More!