Business District of New Meadows

Taken from the Meadows Eagle – December 28, 1911:

Nov. 17: It is estimated here that the improvements in properties, business blocks, residences, hotels, school, etc., approximate $150.00 [sic], This is a wonderful showing, in view of the fact that the foundation for the $25,000 P. & I. N. depot practically the first building started in the new town, was put in only a little over a year ago. Most of the buildings here were built this year. In addition to having one of the finest depots in the state, New Meadows will have in Hotel Heigho, when completed in January, one of the finest hotels in the state. As a matter of fact, there are in Idaho at present only five hotel buildings that may be said to excel Hotel Heigho. This hostelry is planned for the accommodation of commercial travelers and tourists. The scenic wonders of this section of the state, the magnificent summer climate, the splendid sports that here offer themselves to the nimrod and hunter, are attracting the tourist and traveler to this part of the Gem State.

Business District of New Meadows

The beautiful valley with its 30,000 acres of plow land, the millions of feet of tributary timber, the rich mineral resources made tributary by the P. & I. N. extension through Long Valley in the near future, are for the great development this town and entire surrounding territory.

Hotel Heigho, now under course of construction will be a 53 room hotel, the sixth finest in the State. It is built for the accommodation of commercial travelers and tourists. This hotel will be completed by the first of the year and will cost $56,000.

New Meadows has the following establishments:

Meyer & Metz [or Hetz?], $5000 store building; Howard & Loe, hardware dealers; Phil Hubbard, bakery; Mack Thompson occupies the upper floor with rooming house. Clarence LaFay, barber shop and I. N. Ripper’s cigar and soft drink parlor, occupy the next building.

The townsite building is next, and is occupied by W. H. Edwards’ barbershop. Mr. Edwards lives upstairs.
The Meadows Valley Bank is occupying temporary quarters next door.

The Coeur d’Or building, owned by Mrs. Jo. Hancock, is occupied upstairs by herself as a rooming house. Below is the elite pool and billiard hall, owned by Percifield & Lond, formerly of Old Town. French & Dutcher, architects, have neat offices adjoining.

Loe Brothers, general merchants, occupy the large building on the corner. To show that business is good in New Meadows, this firm made $1200 cash sales Saturday and Monday of last week, and their book account for the two days was $1200 more.

Howard & Howard’s building comes next and is occupied by H. P. Shmitz’s meat market. Then comes the Balbach building, occupied by the W. W. Donahue restaurant.

Opposite is the location of the $10,000 Meadows Valley Bank building, which is now under course of construction. J. H. Hill formerly of Nyssa, is the efficient cashier of this bank.

The Dr. T. E. Martin Building is next, and is occupied in front by the New Meadows Post Office, James M. Hart being the postmaster. Dr. Martin has his office and residence in the rear.

Across the street is the Straight & Oldridge building used as card room, cigar, and confectionery and soft drink stand. The North side of this building is used by Mrs. H. B. Oldridge as a restaurant.

The New Meadows Tribune occupies the next building with a splendid newspaper plant. Frank L. Roberts, formerly publisher and editor of the Payette Lakes Progress, is the publisher and editor of the Tribune. Balbach & Buiter are owners of the building. Mrs. M. M. Retch has millinery store in this building.

Before reaching the business district, the incoming traveler finds all the properties of the P. & I. N. railroad, of which Colonel E. M. Heigho is the president and general manager. The handsome depot, costing $25,000, is located here. The other P. & I. N. properties here are the freight station, car shops and round house, section house, tool house, large coal bins and stock yards.

In this part of town is the Mitchell & Mathias forwarding house, where all freight for the interior points is handled. Opposite is Dryden & Sons livery stable.

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