Caroline Campbell


Caroline Osborn was born at Warren in 1870, and when a child of ten, moved to the
valley where she lived in Goose Creek Cabin for awhile, then moved to Clay’s. In 1888 she married Charles Campbell, and they moved to the place where the Campbell homestead is.

Charles Campbell had worked in Nevada, and then moved to this valley to spend the rest of his life.

They had five children; the first was Albert who married Grace Lufkin. The second child was Anna Organ, and she had a family of five and lived in Cambridge. The third child was also a girl, and they named her Carry and she married Dr. Whiteman, and she lived in Cambridge. The fourth child was Rollie who married Margaret Allan when he was 23, and they lived in the valley. The fifth and last child was Loyal and he married Mary Levengood. Rollie fought in the First World War.

Before the train came, Mr. Campbell raised cattle and trailed them to Weiser and Payette to sell them when they were three years old. He bought the cattle in Indian Valley, and the cattle were fed all through the winter.

William H. Campbell was born near Springfield, Illinois, March 27, 1855. Florence Ellen Cook was born in Wisconsin, February 21, 1867. She came to the valley in 1883, and he came in 1880. They were married in Weiser in April 1884. They raised a. family of six.

John Campbell married Mary Price in 1892 and moved to Kansas from Illinois in 1883. They came to the valley in the spring of 1921 and he died in 1941. They had one child named Floyd.

Some incidents of interest about Caroline Campbell and her husband were that they started out with 3 cows and $500, and now the Circle C is one of the biggest cattle ranches in the United States. There was a band of sixteen wolves, which roamed around Clay’s property for a while, but Smith and Wilson trapped them. There were also a few cougars, but they never came down close to the house, and a few bear, which killed young calves. All of these things made pioneer life exciting, as well as difficult.

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  1. Linda Campbell Knoeber said this on May 2nd, 2009 1:48 pm

    It might pay to check Carry’s name. I think she spelled it Carrie.

    And it was Marguerite Allen– Actually Launa Marguerite Allen. She did not use the Launa (and I am not sure of the spelling), and she really didn’t like it when someone called her Margaret.

    Anna and Charles Organ had one daughter.
    Carrie and Dr. Whiteman– two sons and a daughter.
    Loyal and Mary Campbell– two daughters.
    Albert and Grace Campbell– two daughters.
    Rollie and Marguerite– two sons.

    I am Rollie and Marguerite’s granddaughter– I grew up on the Circle C.

  2. admin said this on May 4th, 2009 11:06 am


    Thanks for the comment. I’ve tried to make sure to note that these articles were written decades ago [1945-46]. They since were reprinted in 1967 by the Meadows Valley Pep Club, and they were first made available online some years ago, by Dale Fisk. They have more recently been reproduced here to be made more accessible.

    These articles most likely have several errors, so corrections from reputable sources such as yourself are much appreciated. A critical eye may judge that the writing, coming from a high-school level English class some 60 or so years ago, was not of top-notch quality. However, it is rather quaint, nostalgic, and informative just the same, if not entirely accurate.

    Thanks again for the corrections.

  3. Colin McCann said this on September 19th, 2010 3:07 pm

    My brother Ernest worked for Rollie for years. I fed cattle as my first job at the ranch that the Halls ran. I moved to Whitebird and drove fence posts by sledge hammer. I was not use to not being able to take a bath so i said so-long . I was 18 so I joined the Army. If the Cirle C is being sold off I feel bad, as i am a country boy at heart. You wintered your cattle at Baker Or where i grew up. Memories are what this life is made of.

    Colin McCann

  4. My family visited Loyal and mary a couple of summers when I was young. I remember granpa and Loyal going out and branding calves. I have so many fond memeries of New meadows.

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