Lumber Industry

The first lumber mill in Meadows Valley was owned by George Clark. It was a small mill and was located near the Hot Springs.

The Balbach Bros. owned two good sized mills. One was located near the Tommy Carr ranch. The other was located out on Mud Creek. This mill was the largest of the two mills.

The largest of the mills in the valley was the Cavette mill which was located where the shop is now located. It had a dry kiln and a planer in it, which none of the other mills in the valley had. This mill burned about 1929. This mill was the last big lumber mill until Boise Payette Lumber Company moved to New Meadows in 1940. There have been other mills in the valley after the Cavette mill, but they were small mills. One of them was the Dryer’s mill which was now located on the hill leaving the valley going toward Council.

The mills of the Boise Payette Lumber Company are located in Council and Emmett. April first, Jack Morgan took over the Boise Payette Lumber Company operations after having purchased it.

The Wiston Addition or the Company’s house is larger than New Meadows was before the Boise Payette Lumber Company took their houses from MacGregor and moved them here.

The lumber companies brought money, social life and other benefits to the community. Also the lumber company has done a lot for New Meadows, and we hope that the valley will always prosper from it and other things.

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