The high school district in Meadows Valley was bonded on March 21, 1924 when the first High School board were: Chairman, Jonathan McMahan; Clark, Lee Highley, H.R. Ackley, Mrs. R.L. Campbell, Mrs. J.M. McCulley, Mrs. Emma Clark. The first superintendent was Joseph Dilley, and the assistant teacher was his wife, Miriam Dilley. The first superintendent was paid $1500 a year, and the assistant was paid $1300.

The first high school was held in what is now Middle District grade school. Then it was moved to Beaumont Grade School, until the present high school building was built in 1939.

The Beaumont Grade School was built in 1911. Previous to this time there was no school in New Meadows.

The first school in Meadows Valley was a small one-room log cabin on Goose Greek, just across the road from Jack Iric’s place. It was built In 1889 by some of the settlers. The first teacher was Mrs. William Campbell, mother of Harold Campbell.

The next school was held in a house out by Bolin Abshire’s place. The teacher was Miss Florence Brown. Some of the students of this school were Mrs. C.C. Irwin, and the Clark brothers, Fred and Alfred. The Clark brothers rode horses, walked or skied about four miles to get to school. There was a certain trick played on Alfred Clark, but by popular demand it cannot be published.

Middle District was next, and for a while it was high school, grade school and all. It is the oldest school still in use in the valley.

We were unable to secure any information on the grade school at Old Meadows.

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