Previous to the coming of the Methodists, Meadows Valley had been occupied by the Episcopal and Congregational Churches. The Episcopal having a church building at New Meadows and for a time maintaining a pastor, but in a few years the church was without a pastor.

The Congregationalists had a church building at Meadows, and for a while maintained regular service, but in later years they too were without a pastor. During the summer of 1921, Rev. J. L. Riley, Pastor of the M.E. Church of Council, Idaho assisted his brother, Floyd K. Riley in tent meetings at Meadows. At these meetings several were baptized but none were received into the M.E. Church, and no M.E. Church was organized.

In the fall of 1922, Rev. C.R. Arches arranged with the authorities of the Protestant, Episcopal and Congregational Church for the withdrawal of the churches from the Valley and for the transfer of both church buildings to the M.E. Church, as there were not enough people for all the churches here.

Small Methodist classes were then organized at both Meadows and New Meadows. At the Annual Conference in September 1923, Meadows Valley was made a separate charge with Edwin Deacon appointed pastor. When he arrived he found only 14 remaining of those who had joined the proceeding spring, with 8 residing in New Meadows and 6 at Old Town. During the first years, there were no marked changes and very little progress made.

During April 1925, Rev. R.C. Lee, the M.E. pastor from Weiser, conducted revival meetings here for a week. After the annual conference, Rev. Deacon returned to his church. During February, Rev. Smootz of Oregon was secured for evangelistic work, and at the end of the meetings 5 were received for preparatory membership into the church. During the summer of 1925, Rev. Deacon asked to be removed because of his age, he being 65 when he retired.

After Rev. Deacon left, Rev. Smootz followed, and during his ministry, Jennie James and Irene Erwin became full members of the church—also the Wymans and Mrs. Witherspoon and D. J. Yoakum. He was removed to Joseph Oregon, and Rev. Floyd White followed him, and the new members during his ministry were as follows: Mrs. Berl Crane, George and Lima Hurd, Agnes Johnson, the Ledingtons, and Sarah Steckman. He moved to Nyssa, Oregon in 1932. Rev. Eaker, Quinn, Johnson and Robinson followed. The first ministers each had his ups and downs as the man before, and each gained more members for the M.E. Church until the present membership is around seventy full members.

Two other churches are active in the valley.

This Church was started in Meadows in 1943 and prospered greatly. Mr. Kindel was Pastor, and plans were laid for starting a Church building that spring.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints—Information on this church was not available.

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