White Family

Interview with Walter White

Calvin R. White, one of the early pioneers of Meadows Valley, was born in Massachusetts. His wife was born in Illinois. They came to this small valley in 1878, the year of the Indian War. At the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. White there were only three men, all bachelors, living here. They were Bill Jolly, Tom Cooper, and Willis Williams.

The Whites owned a piece of land one mile square at Meadows. They also owned the first store, blacksmith shop, hotel, and the saloon. Born to Mr. and Mrs. White were eight children. The White children, Clay children and Leata (Stout) Becker were children attending the first school in the valley, held in Jennings’ cabin.

Taken from the Meadows Eagle, 1911:

Walter White, one of the best known ranchers of Meadows Valley, is a native son of Idaho, having been born in Idaho City, Boise county, in the year of 1867. He came to Meadows Valley with his parents in 1880 and has resided here ever since. Immediately upon attaining his majority he took up a homesteaded below the town of Meadows upon which he made improvements, and then concluded to make it his permanent home. To use his own words “I had practically nothing, except my great faith in the future of Meadows Valley.” How well that faith was founded has been proved by the years that have passed, for today Mr. White is one of the wealthy ranchers and cattle men of this section.

Mr. White has proven to be a good citizen and neighbor—the right kind of a man to have in a community. He has made good in every sense or the word.

Eighteen years ago, Mr. White was married to Miss Nellie Smith, daughter of’ Senator Gilbert F. Smith, one of the pioneers of this section. Mrs. White was a charming girl, and her charm and youth has remained with her. She is one of the many matrons of whom Meadows Valley is justly proud.

Four bright children have blessed the home of Mr. and Mrs. White. They are growing up in Meadows, and give good promise for the future. These young people are named as follows; Berle, Blanche, Earl and Nellie.

Mrs. White passed away January 27, 1942, and Mr. White has left the ranch, and spent this winter in Weiser. He is at present visiting his son in Council, Idaho.

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