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On January 7, 1914 the Cattlemen’s Association of Meadows Valley was organized. Officers of the first year were President, John McMahan; First Vice Pres¬ident, Edward Osborn, and John A. Wilson was Secretary.

Officers in 1945 were S. J. Farrell, President; Ward Branstetter, Vice President; Rollie Campbell, Secretary-treasurer; Albert Campbell, Association representative; and Henry Clay and Howard Dryden were the advisory board members.

This association was started by J.A. Mitchell, W. H. Campbell, John McMahan, Edward Osborn, D. I. Royer, W. Branstetter, Henry Clay, C.A. Campbell, M.H. Dryden, Walter White, A. P, Krigbaum, E.D. Wallace, Ed Goodman, and Ota Becker.

The first meeting was held at John McMahan’s residence, but changed to holding the meetings at the Forest Station in 1945.

There were eighteen members the first year, and in 1945 there were ten members. They met once a year unless special meetings were called.

This organization has rubbed poison weeds from range territory, built trails, built watering troughs, built drift fences, sowed grass seed, bought sheep allotment and added to cattle allotment. They offered rewards for conviction of theft of live stock. They became a member of the American Cattle Association.


In 1942 the PTA of New Meadows was organized. The officers for the first year were Mrs. Reid Soper, President; and Mrs. Clifton Evans, Treasurer. There were thirty-nine members the first year and seventeen charter members. The organization was sponsored by Mrs. L. W. Buchholz who attended the P.T.A. convention. The present year of 1945 the officers were, Mr. Morin as President, Vice President was Mrs. H. C. Rich as first and Mrs. Kinoff as second, Mrs. Bower was the Secretary and Mrs. C.L. Buffaloe was Treasurer.

At the present there are 59 members and $232.93 in the treasury. In the se¬cond year the P.T.A. sponsored several High School parties. The school board, student body, and P.T.A. bought a nickelodeon for the high school. At that time the P.T.A. was making plans for improvements at the Grade School, including a fire Escape.


The Ladies Aid of Meadows Valley was organized in December 1926.
Mrs. Byron Irwin was chairman of the first meeting, held at her home in New Meadows. The constitution and by-laws were written by Mrs. Mack. No record has been kept of the officers of the first year.
Officers of the organization then were Mrs. John Harm, President; Mrs.. Thomas Clauson, Vice President; Mrs. S.J. Farrell, Secretary; and Mrs. Carl Peterson was Treasurer.

Beginning in 1934 the members of the Ladies Aid Society made about 200 calls to the sick and shut in people. They collected clothing for the Children’s Home, China Relief, Russian Relief, and European Relief. Mending and sewing was done for the Red Cross and the hospital, Approximately $4,100.00 was raised by the organization, and it was spent to pay $5.00 a month for ten years on the minister’s salary. Drapes, decorations, new roof, piano, and a carpet was bought for the Church. Material, stove, rug, davenport, and chair, were bought for the parsonage. The labor was mostly donated. They made contributions to the Red Cross, Children’s Home, Scout Building, War Fund, Council Hospital and people who lost their homes by fire. They gave gifts to the sick children and helped with the Christmas treats at Sunday School. They bought flowers for the sick and shut in. Less than $100 of this money had been sent to foreign missions.

There were about twenty-five members the first year, and twenty-two in 1945; six of them were charter members. There was about $50 in the treasury then. They met at the home of the members. In August 1944 the name was changed from “Ladies Aid” to “Women’s Society of Christian Service.”


The American Legion was organized and the national charter was granted by Congress in 1919.
There are many American Legion branches in America, but American Legion Post 111 of Meadows Valley was organized in 1945, and thirty-five members joined the first year.

The officers of the first year were Mr. Swick as Commander, Mr. Noel Thomas as Adjutant and Secretary, and Mr. R.L. Cochran succeeded him as Commander for l945. At the end of 1945 there was $21 in the treasury.

The legion met the second Monday or the month in the R.P.L. Hall. It was start¬ed in France by Ouentin Roosevelt, the son to Theodore Roosevelt. It is the largest of the veteran’s organizations. It had a membership of well over two million, and expected to have three and one half million by convention in the fall.

One thing of importance that was started by the American Legion Post 111 was the building of a hall for the Scouts of Meadows Valley. Other organizations help¬ed, and now the Scouts own their own building. The American Legion encourages ed¬ucation by awarding a medal to the outstanding, boy and girl high school student each year.


The Girl Scouts of Meadows Valley was first organized in 1937-1938. Their first leader was Mrs. Samuel E. Tyson, Assistant leader was Ruth Shobrook. The troop committee was Mrs. James A. Wilson, Mrs. Albert Campbell, Mrs. Clyde Miller, Mrs. Howard Bishop, and Mrs. Roy Wyman, Twenty girls registered the first year.

In 1940 Mrs. Earl Miller was the leader. The troop committee was Mrs. Albert Campbell, Mrs. Waldo Baker, Mrs, Roy Wyman, Mrs. LaMoine Lafay, and Mrs. S. E. Tyson. Thirty-eight girls registered.
In 1941 and 1942 Mrs. Earl Miller was again chosen leader, Assistant leader was Mrs.Ted Wagner, Mrs. W.A. Metsner was assistant for the Brownie Scouts. The troop committee Mrs. W. H. Spickelmire, Mrs. Roy Brooks, Mrs. Reid Soper, Mrs. L. W. Bucholz, and Mrs. Waldo Baker. There were thirty-two girls registered that year, and twelve Brownie Scouts.

The year 1946, Mrs. M.G. Jacobson was the leader. Assistant leaders were Mrs. D. W. Middlekauff and Mrs. Claude Merin, Mrs. Virgil Wadell was the Brownie leader, and Mrs. John Harm was their assistant.
The troop committee was Mrs. Earl Miller, Mrs. W. J. Law, Mrs. Floyd Whitlow, and Mrs. Rex Knapton. Twenty-four girls scouts and fourteen Brownie Scouts were registered.


The Boy Scouts of Meadows Valley was reorganized February 29, 1943. Sponsoring the institutions were the Labor Union—1944, L.D.S. Church—1945, and the Odd Fellows Lodge—1946. Officers of the Club then were Claude Morin, scout master, and Kenneth John¬son, Steve Wisdom, Edwin Hanson, Tom Stevens and John Steckman were committee men. They met each week at the Scout Hall.

In 1945 twenty-six boys belonged, and it grew to eighteen members. Fourteen boys were first class scouts, and twelve were Star Scouts. They purchased eighteen uniforms. They also helped in all types of charity drives.

There was also a strong Cub Scout organization, with John Harm as Cub Scout Master, and Mesdames Morin, Kenny Johnson, Stevens, Shaver, Adair and Lae as Den Mothers.


The Meadows Grange was organized October 4, 1933 with thirty charter members. The first year George S. Mitchell was the Master and Jenness Campbell was secretary. The first meeting place was at the I.O.O.F. Hall. The officers in 1945 were Bob Reumiser, Master; Mrs. Ted Clausen, secretary; and Mrs. W.E. Hanson was the treasurer. They met at the B.P.L. Hall. Then there were fifty members. It was started by Mr. George S. Mitchell, Mrs. Harold Campbell, and Mr. Charles Wyman.

The Grange has always upheld the highest ideals for the Community and worked to make this one of the best communities. They bought salt, groceries, and coal for the benefit of the Grangers, and at the time were trying to secure the employment of a County Agent to help with various crops, live stock, and weed control.


In 1936 the Matron’s Club was organized. The Junior girls club started it, and it was an organization for the young married women. Thelma Abshire was treasurer for the first year.

In1945 the officers were, Mrs. Ed Morgan, president; Mrs. Warren Loomis, vice president; Mrs. Tom Stevens, secretary; Mrs. Ray Forrey, corresponding secretary; and Mrs. Carl Shaver was the treasurer.

Over years they have done welfare work and donated to different causes. At that time they had $100 in their treasury. They met at the homes of the members and at the B.P.L. Hall.


Wild Rose Rebekah Lodge No. 102 was organized March 8, 1911. Officers for the first year were Ethel Roden, Noble Grand; Annie Mitchell, Vice Grand; the Secretary was Mrs. Schubury. Officers of the year 1945 were Carolyn Hancock, Noble Grand; Myrtle Day, Vice Grand; Hazel Wisdom, secretary; Ruby Nixon, Financial Secretary; and Mary Adair is the treasurer.

At first there were eighteen members, and at present (l945) there are 114. Approximately $54 was in the treasury the first year, and in 1945 they had $340.87.

It was started by the Odd Fellows and their wives. The meeting place was the I.O.O.F. Hall.


The Odd Follows Lodge was organized on October 22, 1902. Officers in 1945 were George Matteson as Noble Grand; Gordon Logan, Vice Grand; Fred Gildroy as Secretary; Steve Wisdom was Financial Secretary, and Tom Clauson was the Treasurer.


This Women’s Club was organized in 1908 and federated in 1909. The colors of the second district were white and gold, and their flower was the Syringa.

It was started by Mrs. C.B. Irwin, Mrs. A.B. Lucas, Mrs. J.E. Freeman, Mrs. G. S. Mitchell, Mrs. Caroline McMahan, Mrs. Orianna Hubbard, Mrs. McRea, Mrs. Morthias, Mrs. Adamson, Mrs. Gilbert, Ruth Mayo, Mrs. Bergh, Mrs. Turner, and Mrs. Jones.

Officers of the first year were Mrs. C.B. Irwin as president; Mrs, A.P. Lucas as vice president, Mrs. Maude Jones was secretary; and Mrs. Orianna Hubbard was the treasurer.

Officers of the year 1945 were Mrs. L. Robinson as president; Mrs. John Harm, first vice president; Mrs. Wm. Baker, recording secretary; Mrs. Steve Wisdom, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Joaquin Arte, treasurer. Mrs. Henry Love and Mrs. R.L. Campbell were Parliamentarians.

They met the first and the third Wednesday of each month. They held their regular meetings at different homes, and the special meetings were held at a hall.

The Club has not grown very much in the last few years. Many of the old members have passed on, some have moved on, others have organized another club called the Good Will Circle at Meadows, and some have joined in with the Boise Payette.

They have studied flower culture, had nature talks, world’s fair side light, century of progress, history, women who have made history, public welfare, community betterment, Idaho citizenship, household hints, health, music, forestry, mining, Russia, impromptu program by post and teachers from 1883 to 1935 at teacher’s reception. They have organized a Junior Club, had debates, and have studied the state capitol and flower. They have always donated to most worthy things, and have had splendid meetings and some grand times.

Mrs. J. A. Mitchell also said that at one meeting she had fifty club members at her home, and many times Mr. Mitchell hitched the horses up to the sled, and took a load of members to some club meeting before they had snow plows and town people had no way to go.

Names of the post president from 1908-1909 to 1932 -1933 are Mrs. C.B. Irwin, Mrs. A.B. Lucas, (two terms), Mrs. W.H. Campbell (two terms), Mrs. Edward McMahan (two terms), Mrs. Lewis Kimbrough, Mrs. J.M. McCully (two terms), Mrs. Lee Highly (two terms), Mrs. R.L. Campbell (two terms) Mrs. G.S. Mitchell (two terms), Mrs. Blake Hancock, Mrs. P.A. Wood, Mrs. Eston Freeman, Mrs. Albert Campbell, Mrs. E.J. Osborn, Mrs. J.H. Witherspoon, and Mrs. Clarence LaFay.
In 1934 there were 45 members.


The Ladies Auxiliary was started in 1934 at Cabarton, Idaho, and was then the Ladies Aid. Mrs. Flora Morgan was the first president. The membership was very small. After moving to MacGregor the membership grew to 25. Moving to New Meadows, there being a Ladies Aid, this organization was changed to the Boise Payette Auxiliary.

They help the Red Cross, Children’s Home, Community Hospital,, and Boy Scouts. Meetings are the first and third Thursdays of each month.

Some officers were: President, Mrs. Ethel Kinoff; Secretary, Treasurer, Mrs. Tom Clauson.


The Labor Union of Boise Payette – Local A.F.L. #2733 has sponsored dances to raise money for the tuberculosis and infantile paralysis drives. They have given money to the Boy Scouts, and for school children’s Christmas treats.

Officers for the first year were Albin J. Reynolds as President; Mrs. McFall, treasurer, and Ted McDougal was financial secretary. Officers of 1945 were E.A. Weller president, D.W. Middlekauf as vice president; H.C. Rich as recording secretary; Arthur Gough an financial secretary and Gordon Maxwell was the treasurer. They hold their meetings at the B.P.L. Hall.


This organization was started March 18, 1946. The first, meeting place was at LaFay’s Hall. Mr. Evans and Mr. Crabtree started it.

R.L. Campbell was the president; C. E. Evans, vice president; W.E. Hanson, secretary, Hazel Wisdom was treasurer. Temporary chairmen were Kenny Johnson and Rey Brook.

The Chamber of Commerce met once a month . There were sixty members. So far all they had accomplished was forming their organization and filling their committees for work.


The Good Will Circle was organized about 1935. At present there are about 20 members. The officers during this term were Mrs. Bob Rumiser, Mrs. L.E. Campbell, Mrs. Gene Keska, and Mrs. Phil Woods.

They met every two weeks at the homes of members. They have painted, kalsomined, and put a new metal roof and new steps on the Old Meadows Church. They also furnished a room, and extra bed and numerous things for the hospital. They give to all charitable causes, and have done a great deal of good in the community.

The ladies do quite a bit of sewing, and whenever anyone loses their home by fire, or any tragedy strikes, the Good Will Circle is one of the first organizations to give help.


The Rod and Gun Club of Meadows Valley was organized about thirty-four years ago. Sim Reed was president, C.C. Irwin was vice president, and Carol Hood was secretary the first year.

The year 1945 the officers were President Carl Shaver, Vice President Claude Buffalo, and Herb Fitz was the secretary. There were about one-hundred members then. They met at the I.0.0.F. Hall.

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