Electricity was first brought into this valley by Mr. Chism and Ed Goodman, near the Keska home, in the year 1909.

Ross Krigbaum, Thomas Hendrick and John McCully bought the plant from Mr. Chism in 1911. They built the new plant above the Krigbaum home in 1911.

The rates were quite high, but everyone in New Meadows and Old Meadows had electricity. The plant was not large enough to produce power for the ranches farther away.

In 1922, McCully bought out Thomas Hendrick and Ross Krigbaum and ran it by himself until his death in 1942. It continued to be operated by Mrs. McCully’s son. Harold Irick, until it was bought by the Idaho Power Company in 1948.

Now that Idaho Power has taken over, the ranches and homes out in the country have electricity; also, the rates are lower. The power, however, is brought over the mountains from Long Valley, and the old power, plant is no longer in use.

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