Freeman Family

We are sorry that we-were not able to secure more information concerning the Freeman family, but we were unable to get an interview with the members of the family.

Taken from New Meadows Eagle 1911:

J. E. Freeman was born in Lorington, Virginia. He came to Idaho with his par¬ents when a boy of twelve years of age. The Freemans left their old home for the West because the West offered advantages that were rapidly disappearing from the East even then. After traveling extensively through the West, they came to Price Valley, Idaho where they settled and took up homesteads.

J.E. Freeman, or Eston as he is familiarly called by his many friends, worked for wages until he bought an interest in the mill and stage business which he followed for a number of years. He became very successful and purchased ranch property, and invested on his big hay ranch where he and his family spent part of their summers. He is a big true-hearted Virginian of the first water, and he is loyalty itself to those he calls friends.

He considers the most important event in his life his marriage to Miss Lizzy Clay, one of Meadows Valley’s charming daughters and also a pioneer. She has been an incentive to his success, being both wife and comrade, and there is no more happily mated couple in Meadows Valley than these two energetic young people. They have one child, Roy, a manly golden-haired little fellow of seven who is their pride and chief interest in life. He is a very worthy representative of the Freeman home.

Eston Freeman is a successful man and he won his success by hard work and good management. He is a booster for Meadows Valley, and thinks it the banner spot in the Gem State.

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